The Epstein-designed and engineered Riverview Bridge crosses the Chicago River at Addison, providing a new connection for runners, bicyclists and pedestrians between the paths in Clark and California parks. This, in turn, will help create one of Chicago’s largest recreational hubs, the “312 RiverRun,” by connecting three parks with one path for nearly two miles.

Riverview Bridge is a 16-span reinforced concrete structure that is approximately 1010’ long and 16’-0” wide with a 14’ path. The bridge is supported on single column caissons spaced at 60’-0” intervals and has seven horizontal curves, varying from 100’-0” radius to 1600’-0” radius.

Epstein’s design strategy for Riverview Bridge involved the unconventional solution of disengaging the path from the riverbank and elevating the entire structure above the water level. This solution elevates the trail on piers, and locates it within the river, which preserves the maximum amount of vegetation, and riverbank stability, while minimizing scouring and bank erosion. The bridge design also creates a shadow in the river near the bank, which is beneficial for fish looking to escape the heat and predators from above.