The Mission

Epstein is a multi-disciplinary design and construction company focused on serving our clients, empowering our employee-owners, and enhancing our communities.

The Vision

Delivering strategic and creative project solutions, promoting an open, professional working culture, assuring and enhancing shareholder value, advancing wellness of our employees and improving the world.


From our humble beginnings in 1921 as a structural engineering consultant, to our current worldwide multi-disciplinry AEC capabilities, one thing has remained true - our dedication to service.

The following is a brief retrospective of our firm highlighting our founding and significant achievements. So, without further ado, here is the Epstein story, so far.

Our firm was founded by recent University of Illinois graduate and Russian immigrant Abraham Epstein on July 15, 1921. Working out of a small office at 2011 Pershing Road on the west side of Chicago, A. Epstein – Structural Engineer provided engineering solutions for a modest mix of industrial and commercial clients throughout Chicago.
As the United States plunged into a great economic depression & A. Epstein was faced with the daunting task of surviving those bleak economic times. But during this difficult period, A. Epstein was able to not only survive, but miraculously thrive through incredible sacrifice, hard work, dedication, and good fortune.
After surviving the economic hardship of the 30s, A. Epstein, along with the rest of the United States, was blindsided by the events at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. But with the war came a major push in industrial development and A. Epstein’s diverse engineering talents positioned the firm to be a major player in new manufacturing projects.
The 50s was a decade that saw A. Epstein and Sons, Inc. continue to expand its presence in the industrial market but also grow upward through the design of high-rise structures. As many of America’s urban centers were reaching for the skies during the 50s, A. Epstein and Sons completed many high-rise residential and office buildings and became pioneers in the emerging new project delivery method known as DesignBuild.
The socially turbulent 60s were incredibly smooth and prosperous for A. Epstein and Sons, Inc. This decade saw our firm expand by opening offices both domestically (New York), internationally (Tel Aviv & Paris) and with our first partnership with a world renowned architect, Mies van der Rohe, on Chicago’s Federal Center. A. Epstein and Sons continued to solidify its place as one of the preeminent industrial design firms in the world delivering numerous manufacturing facilities around the world.
The 70s was another decade that involved continued expansion internationally with the opening of offices in London and Warsaw, Poland. The Warsaw office came about as a direct result of the A. Epstein and Sons name being known throughout the world as an expert in the design of food processing facilities.
After the past two decades of international growth, A. Epstein and Sons, Inc. decided to announce our international presence by changing our name to A. Epstein and Sons International, Inc. A significant percentage of our business was being conducted internationally, primarily in Europe and Israel, and the new name helped cement our international capabilities.
During the 90s, A. Epstein and Sons International, Inc. saw a dramatic rise in high-profile corporate interiors projects as well as exhibition and convention centers. Epstein was responsible for creating striking interior spaces for many Fortune 500 clients and our architects and engineers were engaged in the design of exhibition and convention space across the globe.
The 2000’s saw Epstein experience continued growth in Eastern Europe as well as a move to 100% employee ownership. This decade also saw Epstein complete major aviation projects, massive mixed-use developments and the world’s largest pork processing facility. All of these accomplishments were achieved after Epstein transformed itself from a senior management owned firm into a 100% employee-owned firm.
The first few years of this decade has witnessed significant development in our New York office with the completion of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Renovation & Expansion, as well as the design of a cutting-edge Conference Center in Libreville, Gabon. Additionally, on the anniversary of 93rd birthday in 2014, Epstein unveiled a new Mission & Vision Statement, along with tagline that further illustrates the firm’s commitment to its employees, clients and the significant role we play in the built environment.
2021 brought about Epstein's 100th anniversary as a firm; a rare accomplishment for an independent AEC company like ours in this day and age of mergers and acquisitions. This longevity achievement is one we take significant pride in, and one we believe our founder, Abraham Epstein, would find as a reason to celebrate. We’ve grown from a small office located within the cozy confines of Chicago’s Central Manufacturing District to a worldwide architecture, engineering and construction organization.

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