Epstein's design experts rigorously examine your operational and philosophical needs to produce sustainable designs that enhance the comfort, well-being, productivity and aesthetics of the occupant's space.

Our Vision

We consider our clients' future growth, allowing change to be seamlessly integrated. By maintaining a leading edge in both products and technology, we offer the most in creative, green and economical design solutions. From offices, laboratories and cultural institutions, Epstein's award-winning design achievements are found in diverse industries and around the world.


Employee Spotlight: Patrick Carata

Patrick joined Epstein in 2018. Currently serving as our Architectural Design Director, he has over 20 years of design experience in the hospitality, residential, institutional and commercial sectors.

Having grown up in Rome, his interest in architecture was piqued quite early on. The parks, streets and buildings of Rome became a “fixed-point” in his design career, as his own work aims to capture and infuse the feeling of awe and comfort he experienced while living there. Patrick firmly believes in the notion that truly great architecture can be inspiring and trigger an emotional reaction in spectators.

“Architecture requires us to be inquisitive and resourceful so that our design solutions can meet the social, environmental, functional and economic expectations of our clients.”

Since joining Epstein, Patrick has been working on projects such as high-rise hotel in Chicago, a mixed-use development in Iasi, Romania, and a pedestrian bridge crossing the Chicago River,

Patrick notes that Epstein’s multifaceted practice of architects, engineers and builders allow us to tap into a vast resource of knowledge within our own walls. Our designs and engineering solutions are born from a collective group of experts that can offer unique but also proven solutions to our increasingly complex building environment.

"As an architect having direct access to such a group of people is invaluable, especially during the early formative stages of design.”

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