For nearly 70 years, Epstein has been providing DesignBuild services for our clients on a national basis.

Single Source Responsibility

Our roots in design and engineering make the Epstein approach unique among DesignBuild firms. Our clients benefit from our focus on their needs, operations and business strategies in evaluating how each building project can be an asset to those requirements.

By having both the design and the construction in the hands of one company, our clients can focus on their business needs rather than becoming the coordinator and mediator between the designer and contractor. This allows us to maintain a higher level of quality throughout the entire process, so we can better engage the client, make recommendations and keep them involved.


Employee Spotlight:

Nick joined Epstein in 2015 as our Senior Construction Project Manager. With nearly 25 years of construction industry experience, he is an accomplished and highly skilled specialist in the fields of project management, industrial design and manufacturing. Furthermore, Nick is well versed in all technical aspects of the profession and is able to combine that with actual on the job experience.

Nick has quite an interesting background, having practice with designing, engineering and installing insulation and filtration systems for nuclear reactors worldwide. In fact, he holds a patent on a filtration system for Emergency Core Cooling Systems (which can be likened to a big shower drain) that’s in use in 12 nuclear plants in Asia.

“Epstein offers design and construction professionals with unique and challenging projects along with the ability to have a meaningful influence on those projects.”

During his tenure with Epstein, Nick has helped lead our DesignBuild efforts on two massive food processing plants and is currently serving as the project executive for the renovation and expansion of the WholeStone Farms pork processing plant in Fremont, Nebraska.

Quick Hits
Our favorite on account of his nuke knowledge; born in London, England; huge soccer fan; member of the Manchester United Supporter’s Group in Chicago; often heard bemoaning United’s newfound mediocrity; proud dad of a son.

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