Epstein’s experience in planning and design draws upon an extensive list of clients and projects.

Epstein's engineers incorporate a range of features tailored to each client or need. Our ongoing work with CDOT, IDOT and municipal clients involves combining best practices in planning and design with a focus on improving operations, comfort and safety for roadway users of all ages and abilities.

Multimodal Minded

The Epstein resume includes several roadway, streetscape and trail design projects that incorporate bicycle infrastructure. This includes 71st Street, Milwaukee Avenue, Morse Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Halsted Street, and Grand Avenue in Chicago, as well as the Skokie Valley Trail in Skokie, and work on riverfront trails along the Chicago River. We help municipalities seek solutions to transportation challenges affecting all users, including especially vulnerable populations which includes children and people who walk and bike regularly.

Visual Communicators

Much of the work we do involves envisioning a better future, and our team works in conjunction with our architecture design group to provide state-of-the-art visuals and graphics to support these efforts and inspire our clients and stakeholders on the bold visions we help become a reality. Our team of planners, designers and engineers utilize 2D and 3D imagery and photorealistic renderings to show proposed improvements, which enable us to show draft and in-progress designs in plan view, Google Earth, through virtual reality-enhanced models that offer the viewer the ability to “walk or fly” through proposed plans.


We base our approach to safety, accessibility and innovative design in data-driven processes. This includes identification of design recommendations to address patterns and trends revealed in crash analyses and observation of existing conditions. Epstein recently provided Phase I engineering services for improvements to a five-mile segment of Algonquin Road (IL 62) in Cook and Kane Counties. On 71st Street in the City of Chicago, Epstein’s crash analysis revealed factors that contributed to the high levels of sideswipe and parked vehicle crashes along the corridor, which included roadway illumination issues, roadway width, and a lack of pavement markings to delineate travel and parking lanes.-

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