News / 6.27.16

Welcome to Epstein … Kareem Abes!

Our new assistant project engineer working on a food spice plant outside Guadalajara, Mexico

We are pleased to welcome Kareem Abes, our new assistant project engineer within our construction group, to Epstein.

Kareem graduated this past December from the Illinois Institute of Technology (Go Scarlet Hawks!) with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. During his years studying at IIT Kareem interned for the CTA as an Environmental Intern doing waste manifests, garage and station inspections/surveys. He has also worked for a small general contractor whose main client is the Chicago Housing Authority as a project engineering intern, participating in procurement, scheduling, closeouts, and construction monitoring.

At Epstein, Kareem is working on a food spice plant for Tajin located outside of Guadalajara, Mexico. A project that will take advantage of Kareem's fluency in Spanish as he will be spending a fair amount of his time at the jobsite in Mexico.

Kareem was born and raised in Chicago and currently lives in South Shore. He is the oldest of four and likes to bike, run and hike. A sci-fi enthusiast, Kareem also enjoys the TV shows Game of Thrones (Please, no spoilers Kareem, I've just finished the Hodor episode) and Last Man on Earth and his favorite movies include Guardians of the Galaxy, My Idiot Brother and Ant-Man. When not glued to the TV or at the cinema, Kareem also loves listening to music from everything from James Brown to Kanye West, CCR to Michael Jackson, The Black Keys to Earth, Wind and Fire.

Lastly, Kareem would someday love to own a Tesla Model S. I see why, you'd look pretty good behind the wheel!