May 1, 2023

For over 100 years, Epstein has remained a leader in the design, engineering and construction of the built environment including, convention centers, industrial and manufacturing facilities, high-rise commercial and residential mixed-use buildings, aviation air- and landside, hotel and hospitality spaces, civic and government, and hospital and medical facilities.

In addition to our impressive domestic portfolio, Epstein has held a considerable presence in Europe through our Warsaw, Poland office where we have operated since 1971. Poland's high-growth economy attracted blue-chip clients such as 3M, Motorola and Hyatt Hotels, along with architect luminaries such as Norman Foster and Helmut Jahn. As of 2021, Epstein designed over half over Warsaw's skyline, from commercial and mixed-use developments to residential high-rises.

A selection of Epstein's commercial and industrial projects in Europe include:

Newly Weds Foods Bakery (currently under construction) - Kutno, Poland
Dedeman Mixed-Use Development - Bacau, Romania
Silk District Mixed-Use Development
- Bucharest, Romania
Chmielna 89 Office Development
- Warsaw, Poland
Varso Tower - Warsaw, Poland
Zlote Tarasay - Warsaw, Poland
Mennica Legacy Tower
- Warsaw, Poland

Whether your project requires architecture and interior design, civil, MEP, structural or industrial process engineering, or a variety of construction services, including the DesignBuild delivery method, Epstein has you covered across the globe.