Epstein provided full-service design and engineering services for the renovation of 1970's era industrial building into a 15,000-square-foot glass blowing studio. The building also features classrooms, an art gallery, and a one-of-a-kind assembly/event space located at 401 N. Armour in Chicago's West Loop.

The original N. Armour building was the home of multiple businesses and Epstein's design team was tasked with taking that disjointed facility and creating a coherent program and design to match the ambitious goals of Ignite Glass. To accomplish this charge much of the existing facility shell was reused and substantially renovated, with the event space component being the only piece of new construction.

The Ignite Glass Studios serves as a destination space, workshop and educational resource for local and visiting glass artists. The 3,600 square foot glass blowing studio features two furnaces, four glass warming 'glory holes' as well as an extensive heating, exhaust and ventilation system.

In addition, the facility hosts a variety of events in a truly unique event space which highlights the incredible process of turning molten glass into pieces of fine art. The Ignite Glass event space is 5,800 square feet and can accommodate over 200 guests directly adjacent to the glassblowing studio.

The Ignite Glass Studios also features an outdoor garden, rooftop deck and conference room.