December 8, 2020

We were invited by the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAOI) to present the Epstein-designed and engineered Riverview Bridge at their online December 2020 Dinner Meeting, held on the 1st of the month.

Greg Osborne, PE, Director of Civil Engineering, and Raveesh Varma, PE (MI), SE (IL), Chief Structural Engineer, attended on Epstein's behalf and co-shared their presentation, “The Analysis and Design of Riverview Bridge.

Greg, who served as the project manager for Riverview, initiated proceedings by describing the background of the project, the project team, and the various factors that brought the project to what it is today, a raised and curved structure with unique structural considerations.

Raveesh, who was the engineer of record for the project, demonstrated the difference in approach between the relatively straight stretches of Riverview Bridge and the large and curved segment at the river crossing. This was illustrated by highlighting the variations in reinforcing, segment lengths, provisions for camber, and bearing designs along the length of the bridge. The attention to serviceability considerations, including vibrations, deflections and rotations, was emphasized at various points along the way.

Thank you to the SEAOI for this opportunity to discuss Epstein's work on Riverview, which resulted in an architecturally-significant project in a city renowned for great architecture!