March 21, 2022

This week, the food and beverage industry’s top equipment suppliers, distributors and processors will gather at the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX to connect and learn about driving business growth. The expo provides practical, proven advances for plants and companies and is a global business platform for engineers, scientists, R&D, sales and marketing professionals, and others from small to large processing companies as well contract manufacturers and suppliers.

Darrin McCormies, Epstein’s Director of Industrial Services, is attending the event which is dedicated to growing businesses within the food and beverage industry, and providing manufacturers and buyers the opportunity to network, view equipment updates, and discover new technology and trends.

Epstein holds impressive DesignBuild experience with various meat-processing projects such as Seaboard Triumph Foods, WholeStone Farms, Prestage Foods of Iowa, and Daily’s Premium Meats. In addition to meat processing, Epstein also has extensive food processing and distribution facility experience that includes Testa Produce, Optimum Nutrition, Alpina Foods, and Newly Weds Foods.

“The FPSA’s Annual Conference is an important professional development experience which was designed to help today’s industry leaders continue to grow their business,” Darrin said. “The opportunity to network with other leaders across the entire supply chain and learn about the latest industry trends is invaluable.”