Epstein provided DesignBuild services to Daily's Premium Meats to construct their new 115,000 square foot bacon plant in St. Joseph, Missouri.

This $41.5M plant focuses on producing sliced-to-order naturally hardwood smoked bacon and will employ over 200 people at capacity. Daily's is jointly owned by Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods, and the owner chose to build this plant across the road from Triumph Foods St. Joseph, Mo., pork processing plant, a 625,000-square-foot facility that Epstein designed and built in 2005.

The 15,000-square-foot office portion of the plant includes reception, workstations, private offices, conference rooms, a client demonstration kitchen as well as an employee welfare area comprised of locker rooms, restrooms, and a lunch room.

The Daily's plant also includes approximately 22,000 square feet of refrigerated storage and coolers ranging in temperature from 34 degrees to a -10 degree freezer.

It is Daily's goal to produce 1.25 million lbs/week of smoked bacon out of this plant. The raw pork bellies are received at the dock, are injected with salt/flavoring in the pump room, and then naturally hardwood smoked in the smokehouses. The bellies are then blast chilled tempered in a hanging cooler. After emerging from the cooler the bellies are pressed into blocks, sliced and then packaged for delivery to Daily's food service and retail customers.

Daily's was founded in 1893 by John R. Daily in Missoula, Mont. The company also operates bacon processing plants in Missoula and Salt Lake City, and markets and sells a variety of processed pork items from signature honey cured bacon to applewood smoked bacon to naturally smoked hams to breakfast sausages.

Triumph Foods is owned by five member-owners who are pork producers. Seaboard Foods is an integrated food company, with farm operations and pork processing, controlling the entire process every step of the way from before the farm to the plate. Together, Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods have aligned their farm operations and pork processing, including genetics, pig nutrition, animal care, food safety and product quality, to ensure consistent, wholesome fresh pork. The Seaboard Foods Guymon, Oklahoma plant and the Triumph St. Joseph plant supply pork bellies for Daily's Premium Meats.

In 2005, Daily's became part of Seaboard Foods integrated system, and in September 2014 Triumph Foods purchased a 50 percent interest of the company from Seaboard Foods.