News / 3.6.17

Welcome to Epstein – Christina Kapetan

Our receptionist and newest member of our Corporate Services Group

We are pleased to welcome Christina Kapetan to Epstein, our receptionist and the newest member of the Corporate Services Group.

Christina was born and raised in Chicago and currently calls Evanston home. For the past 20 years she has owned and operated three diners together with her husband, Dimitri, in the Chicagoland region, including the beloved North Shore institution, Mrs. D’s Wilmette Diner. They both enjoyed it a lot but it also kept them from having any lengthy vacation or personal lives on weekends. Recently they decided to sell the diners and start enjoying life a bit more – as well as the opportunity to not smell like bacon and pancakes every day of the week! (Although, that kinda sounds a bit like what I imagine heaven is like!)


Mrs. D's Wilmette Diner

When not working, you can find Christina enjoying the outdoors on one of her numerous running and/or bicycling trips throughout Evanston and Rogers Park. Christina also used to be a Triathlete and is working on getting back onto that path.

Lastly, Christina loves being a Mom (even though her teenage son totally knows how to manipulate her, we're talking about you Niko!) and being a wife … most of the time (Dimitri, she did say just kidding).

Once again, welcome to Epstein Christina – we are really excited to have you with us!