News / 1.19.17

Throwback Thursday – Sinai Kosher Sausage Corp.

40,000 sf food plant that produced, stored and distributed Sinai’s famous meats

This week’s Epstein Throwback Thursday feature, inspired by our forthcoming trip down to Atlanta at the end of the month to exhibit at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) Expo, the world's largest annual poultry, feed, and meat technology exposition, is the Epstein designed and engineered food processing facility for the Sinai Kosher Sausage Corp. Completed in May of 1961 for $800,000 ($6.5M in 2017), this 40,000 square foot food plant located at 1000 W. Pershing Road within the boundaries of Chicago’s Central Manufacturing District, helped Sinai Kosher produce, store and distribute their famous sausages.


Designed to not only the high standards of the Government’s Meat Inspection Division, this plant also followed and adhered to the stringent standards of kosher meat production.  


In addition to the refrigerated storage, production and distribution portion of Sinai Kosher’s facility, there was also a publically accessible retail space in which customers could purchase a wide variety of kosher meats including Sinai’s corned beef and pastrami.


If you are curious, this facility still stands and is still in the meat production and distribution business although not under the Sinai Kosher Sausage Corp. name. In 1972, shortly before the completion of the Epstein designed and engineered Vienna Sausage ( production plant at 2501 N. Damen, Vienna, due to Kosher processing regulations, needed to move its kosher production operations to a separate facility. Therefore Vienna merged its kosher operations with Sinai’s at this W. Pershing Plant. Vienna assumed principal interest in this plant and, today, this facility operates as a Vienna Beef production and distribution plant. And, best of all, you can still visit Vienna’s retail space for some delicious franks, sausages and deli meats.