News / 5.1.17

O’Hare Terminal 5 Concessions Receives National ACI-NA Awards

Program Recognized for Excellence in Airport Concessions

Today, May 1st, the Epstein designed O’Hare Terminal 5 food and beverage concessions program was recognized with national honor awards by the American Council International – North America for ‘Excellence in Airport Concessions.’ Terminal 5, which is managed by Westfield, won 2nd place in in the ‘Best Food & Beverage’ category for its ‘iconic restaurant brands, celebrity chef concepts and beautiful dining environment.’ In addition, the Chicago Department of Aviation’s (CDA) concession program at O’Hare and Midway took 2nd in the ‘Best Green Concessions Concept’ for its efforts in leading sustainable practices.


When we were awarded the design of Terminal 5 Concessions back in 2012 the goal was to help Westfield and the CDA promote Terminal 5, which serves as O'Hare's international as the 'Gateway to the World', by developing an award-winning, world class concession space that transforms the retail/dining experience and creates an innovative sense of place that reflects Chicago. Our designers’ response was to develop a series of environmentally responsible design solutions including taking advantage of existing day-light, requiring energy efficient lighting systems, and procuring building materials that utilize resource reuse, recycled content, regional origins, rapidly renewable materials & certified wood.


In this award-winning space, the Dining Court’s back wall, featuring a multi-faceted bronze colored material, draws the traveler toward the banquette seating through its light reflectance qualities.  Similarly the white “helix” tables selected entice the customers into the space through their dynamic movement, seemingly gravity defying structure and visual interest.

The open ceiling of the space was designed to visually increase the height of the Dining Court as well as mirror the dynamic patterning of the porcelain floor tiles.  The orbs of light are like points of travel as graphically portrayed in the glass wall of the two-story portion of the Dining Court.  The furnishings were also carefully selected for durability, comfort and elegance.  All of the design elements were chosen to create a customer experience of modern luxury for the international traveler.


In addition, the Dining Court was strategically placed within the terminal to appear after the traveler completes his or her security check and circulates through the Duty Free concession.  It is also located at the central point of the two radiating departure wings. A good portion of the Dining Court is two stories in height creating a light and airy space conducive for a relaxing dining experience. 

Lastly, all the materials selected for the individual concessions were intended to attract the customer by using reflective glass, stainless steel, and dynamic lighting; to create a sense of warmth by using wood and natural materials; to provide clarity through lively graphics and signage; to build quality by incorporating cohesive design standards as well as materials; and to illustrate responsible stewardship by using recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible.

And, from the awards that this space received, it looks like our partnership with Westfield & the CDA has definitely achieved the goals for this program!