News / 7.12.17

96th Anniversary!

To the thousands of current & former 'Epsteiners' – ‘Thank you very much for your dedication and service!’

July 15, 2017 marks our 96th Anniversary. In our nearly 100 years of existence we’ve grown from a small office located within the ‘cozy’ confines of Chicago’s Central Manufacturing District’s (CMD) ‘Clock Tower’ building to a world-wide organization with offices not only in Chicago but also in New York, Warsaw, Poland and Bucharest, Romania. Additionally, our list of professional services and markets served has also evolved from a structural engineer serving industrial companies located within the CMD to a corporation that provide a full-menu of design, engineering and construction services for a client base that covers almost every industry and market throughout the world.


It should also be noted, and definitely not understated, that Epstein has thrived during a time period of enormous change. 96 years in which the our organization has witnessed the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the Space Age, Civil Rights Movement, Middle Eastern Turmoil, the Tech Revolution, as well as the sudden death of our founder, Abraham Epstein, in 1958 and the transition of ownership from the Epstein family to our employees in 2000. Our ability to adapt, survive and evolve, all while staying true to our dedication to our trades and clients, is one that we, the current Epstein employees, take immense pride. We say to this accomplishment, one that is the direct result of our current efforts as well as those of the thousands of Epsteiners that have been part of our great work family over these 96 years, thank you very very very much!