News / 4.7.16

Welcome to Epstein … Dubravka (Debbie) Sretenovic!

Our new family road trip loving senior project architect

We are pleased to welcome Dubravka (Debbie) Sretenovic - our new senior project architect - to Epstein.

Debbie is a Serbian native and received her Master of Architecture from Belgrade University in 1990. After earning this degree she traveled all over Europe and worked as an intern in Geneva, Switzerland and Krakow, Poland. For a time Debbie also lived in Kuwait and that's where her son Milos was born.

Eventually her family moved to Chicago and now Milos is a freshman at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign! (Time flies huh, Debbie?) Debbie also has another child, her US-born daughter Olga, who wants to be the President of the United States. (We'll let you know when she turns 35 and is eligible to run)

Debbie's professional career includes a stint with Greeley and Hansen Architects, where she was on a team for some of the largest water and waste water treatment plants in the world, including places like Newtown Creek, New York, Lake Pleasant, Arizona, and Chicago's Jardine, Plant. Debbie was most recently a project architect and manager with Burns and McDonnell for a number of aviation, pharmaceutical, commercial projects throughout the US and Middle East.

First and foremost, Debbie considers herself a proud mom instead of accomplished architect. Which means she enjoys family vacations which, in Debbie's case, are done traveling by car. (Debbie - Are these trips anything like The Griswold's?)

Debbie also enjoys swimming, skiing, rock and classic music, independent movies, and everything on PBS - including programs for kids. (Even Barney, Debbie?)

Lastly, at Epstein Debbie is working on our two massive Iowa pork processing plants – Seaboard Farms – Triumph Foods in Sioux City and Prestage Farms in Mason City.

Once again, welcome to the family Debbie! Where are we going on our first road trip?