News / 9.8.16

Throwback Thursday – Nutrition Research Laboratories

Featured an Art-Deco marble entrance

Today, our weekly Throwback Thursday trip through the Epstein archives takes us back to 1935 for the opening of the Nutrition Research Laboratories located at 4210 Peterson in Chicago, Illinois. This Epstein designed and engineered one-story brick facility with an Art-Deco inspired marble entrance provided a home for chemists, biologists, physicians and technical personnel to perform research on vitamins, steroids, and various biochemical and pharmaceutical projects.

Nutrition Research Laboratories did most of their research from grants given by the federal government and their work resulted in the development in multiple patents for pharmaceuticals (including ointments, treatment for rickets, and a Vitamin D supplement) that were developed at this 4210 Peterson facility.

If you are curious, Nutrition Research Laboratories is no longer in existence and, alas, neither is this building which was located right next door to the Walgreen's Headquarters that Epstein designed at 4300 Peterson, another Art Deco building that met its end.