News / 1.12.16

Seaboard Farms – Triumph Foods Construction Progress

Moving the ‘Frozen Tundra’

Here are some photos taken a couple days ago showing the progress and frigid conditions of one of the largest projects we've ever undertaken as a Design-Builder – the Seaboard Triumph Foods Pork Processing Plant in Sioux City, Iowa. This 245-acre, $264M, 750,000 square foot facility is expected to be completed in mid-2017.

Currently, the rough grading is nearing completion as site utilities commence as well as dewatering for the stunning pits.

The Epsteiners responsible for moving the Seaboard-Triumph 'Frozen Tundra' are Eddie Jones and John Castro (stay warm guys!). In addition, Chicago-based construction team members, Jeremy Wright and Nick Hawkins make frequent trips to Sioux City to help out as well.

Lastly, stay tuned, we'll be posting monthly progress reports showing how Eddie and John, along with Jeremy and Nick, are working wonders moving the permafrost.