News / 1.6.16

Epstein’s Warsaw Skyline

Helping shape the horizon in Poland’s capitol

The graphic you see here was put together by our Warsaw office and it visually illustrates the influence Epstein has had in shaping Warsaw's skyline. The orange buildings are all the high-rise projects Epstein's architects have either designed or served as the architect of record. Additionally, the solid orange buildings are projects that have been completed and the lighter shaded structures are ones currently in design or construction. These projects include the first western high-rise office building in Poland, the Warsaw Financial Center (second from the right), as well as the iconic Zlote Tarasy (middle building in the foreground) which features one of the largest glass roofs in the world comprised of hundreds of pie-shape wedges.

Zlote Tarasy

For those of you not familiar with our Polish history Epstein has held a unique position in Poland. We are one of the only American firms to have had a continuous presence in the country since 1971. Our existence in Poland began from our global reputation as one of the preeminent industrial architects, engineers and contractors. This brand identity resulted in the then-socialist Polish People's Republic awarding Epstein, an American firm, multiple turn-key manufacturing plants contracts.

Mennica Legacy Tower (currently under construction)

The ensuing 45 years we have witnessed significant economic and political changes in Poland. A now bustling democratic state, Poland has undergone substantial growth and development, and our office, as you can see in this graphic, has played a major role this evolution.