News / 11.7.16

Epstein Breaks Out of EscapeHouse Chicago

Group of ‘brave’ beta super agents and spy’s defeat new interactive live action escape rooms

This past Friday afternoon, while seemingly all of Chicagoland was celebrating the Cubs once in a century championship, a group of 'brave' beta testers from Epstein were assigned the task of attempting to break out of EscapeHouse Chicago, a new Epstein designed interactive live action escape room located at 54 E. Ontario Street.

The Epstein beta testers were given two tasks – 'Escape the White House' and 'Escape the Safe House.' For the White House game, which involved being locked within a replica of the Oval Office, Epstein's testers were trained as Secret Service agents who were trapped inside the White House during a missile attack and they had one hour to quickly uncover secrets, solve clues and locate the codes to launch missile interceptors to save the White House before time ran out.

And for the Safe House Game, Epstein's team were a team of secret agents being vetted by a group called 'Control' and their task was to escape from a high-tech spy lair in one hour and demonstrate their mastery of spy-craft and, most importantly, prove their worth to the mysterious 'Control.'

We are pleased to say that our agents and spy's completed both their missions with time to space as they mastered picking locks, opening doors with 'lasers', decoding various maps, tapping phone lines, and hot-wiring alarm systems!

The Epstein super-agents/spy's included E'Laina Craven, Linda Kanoski, Mihaela Ianev-Cajigas, Marcin Rysniak, Jenn Pisano, Sean Miller, Cassiday Love, Mark Gesior, Ramona Valeanu, Will Owen and Carla Espinoza. BTW – all of you are now being watched 24/7 by CCTV as you've clearly proven that given the right motivation you'll stop at nothing to break in or out of any 'safe' room.

It's a little hard to see here - but Will is posing in front of one of the 'clues' in the SafeHouse - an architectural drawing drafted by ... none other than Will himself. Clearly, he was the 'inside man' in this game.

EscapeHouse Chicago will open to the public by the end of November and for more information on this facility visit