News / 10.29.15

Welcome to Epstein … Richard Schlude!

Our new b-ball playing, guitar slinging, electrical design engineer

We are pleased to welcome Richard Schlude to Epstein! Rick received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Go Illini!) and for the past three years he has worked at Milhouse Engineering. While at Milhouse, Rick helped design projects like the recently opened South Airport Traffic Control Tower at O'Hare International Airport as well as the Filtrate Treatment Facility De-Ammonification Process Plant for the DC Water Authority.

Rick is a native Chicagoan and he presently resides in the Logan Square neighborhood. When asked about favorite activities, he said that he and a group of friends have created their own "Dinner Club." Once a month they choose a new, up-and-coming restaurant in the city and stuff their faces until they feel sick. To get a sense of the degree of Rick's dinner club's level of indulgence here's an example typical 'light' meal - 3-4 cocktails, 4 entrees, 4-6 side dishes, and the entire dessert menu split between four people. Rick – Caligula would be proud! So far Rick's Dinner Club rates Momotaro (located at Lake and Green, just a few blocks away from Epstein) as the best place they've visited.

Some of Rick's other favorite activities include playing basketball (at 6'-4", the ever modest Rick, says he's quite the force on the court), running, and discovering ever-evolving Chicago neighborhoods. As a special talent he lists playing the guitar in a band and adds that we should not be surprised to hear him singing to himself now and again.

Once again - welcome to the family Rick - we are happy to have you with us! Plus, we could always use a new center on our undefeated* Epstein Basketball team!

* It's true we haven't lost, primarily because we haven't played anyone yet. Details. Details.