News / 6.2.15

Welcome to Epstein … Ramiro Garcia-Cordones!

Our globetrotting, futbol-loving project manager in our construction group

We are pleased to welcome Ramiro Garcia-Cordones to Epstein – our newest project manager and member of our construction group.

Ramiro was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and later moved to Texas before settling in Chicago in 2001. He earned an Architecture degree with a minor in Construction Management from Texas A&M (Go Aggies!) and has over 18 years commercial construction experience. At Epstein he is serving as our project manager for the Granjas Carroll de Mexico Hog Processing Plant in Puebla, Mexico as well as other Mexican business development opportunities.

In his spare time, Ramiro enjoys watching and playing soccer. His teams are Barcelona FC (good choice Ramiro – doesn't get any better than Messi!), PSG (love Zlatan as well!) and the Uruguayan National Team (No go there – U.S.A. all the way!)

Ramiro also loves to read books on philosophy and he thinks Bertrand Russell's writings are great. In addition, one of Ramiro's favorite books is "Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space" by Carl Sagan. Ramiro says, 'it eloquently discusses our shifts in philosophy over human history as a result of technological advances & how this relates to our view of our place in the universe' Sounds like breezy beach read – no?

Ramiro's other hobbies include exploring new restaurants and visiting foreign countries - 32 so far! This past March he visited Hong Kong, but will be heading to Uruguay at the end of this year to visit family as well.

Lastly, Ramiro volunteers at Imerman Angels non-profit and has been a DJ since college. (Ramiro promises us a mix which we will share with all of you as well!)

Once again, welcome to the family Ramiro! We are very happy to have you with us! And, let's go Barca!