News / 12.15.15

Welcome to Epstein … Nick Hawkins!

Our new Manchester United Super Fan/Construction Project Manager

We are pleased to welcome Nick Hawkins, PMP, LEED AP to Epstein! Nick is our new senior construction project manager who is currently working on the Seaboard Farms – Triumph Foods Pork Processing Plant in Sioux City, Iowa.

Nick has a degree in Environmental Design from Miami University in Ohio and he comes to us from Transco Products Inc., a firm that designs/engineers/installs insulation and filtration systems for nuclear reactors worldwide. In fact, Nick holds a patent on a filtration system for Emergency Core Cooling Systems (for us laymen, that's like a big shower drain) that's in use in 12 nuclear plants in Asia! Prior to his time at Transco he spent 15 years on the road doing large convention center construction projects in Charleston, SC, Atlanta, GA, San Juan, Puerto Rico as well as major hospitality projects here in Chicago.

Nick grew up in Chicago but was born in London, England and is a huge soccer fan. So much so that he heads up the Manchester United Supporter's Group here in Chicago, a role that means he's been incredibly frustrated and annoyed of late as he's watch the Red Devils tumble from years of world supremacy to the point now where they are just now just maddeningly decent.

(Nick is on the left - showing a Man U smile that has been in short supply for the past couple of years)

Lastly, when not bemoaning United's new found mediocrity Nick spends his free time with his family, which includes a 3 yr. old son.

Welcome to Epstein Nick and keep the faith on United Nick – the Pep Guardiola-era is just around the corner! Right? (We're sure that you non-soccer fans have no idea what that means – but it's just like Joe Maddon coming to the Cubs. Yes, that good.)