News / 8.26.15

Welcome to Epstein … Martin Barenbaum!

Our new senior mechanical engineer and resident lawyer/daredevil

We are pleased to welcome to Epstein – Martin Barenbaum – our new Senior Mechanical Engineer within our MEP/FP Engineering Group. Martin received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas (Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk!) and prior to joining Epstein he worked at Milhouse Engineering where he served as the Mechanical Design Manager and project manager for numerous projects for The University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago Public Schools and many other clients in the Chicagoland area. At Epstein, Martin is currently working on the design of the mechanical systems for Phase 3 of the Whirlpool Riverview Campus in Benton Harbor, Michigan and a number of hotel and other commercial projects.

Martin was born in Chicago's old Edgewater Hospital but grew up in the Village of Hoffman Estates and now calls the South Loop home. Besides being a professional engineer, Martin is also a licensed Attorney in the State of Illinois, after having earned his JD from Chicago-Kent College of Law and passing the Illinois State Bar Exam.

Some of Martin's hobbies and/or favorite activities include watching and playing sports, movies, museums, going to the Zoo and spending time with his family. This family time includes a really cool thing that Martin is doing with each of his 4 nieces/nephews. For these really lucky kids Uncle Marty has promised them a one-week trip wherever they want to go for their 16th birthday. This past June was trip #1 and involved seven days in London! (Hey Martin – can we be one of your nieces/nephews?)

Lastly, Martin also likes to be a bit of daredevil which is evident in the fact that he's jumped out of a perfectly safe airplane over 500 times. (You are a brave man Martin – brave or clinical insane, it's one or the other!)

Once again, welcome to the family Martin – we are really happy to have you with us – just don't ask us to take a flight in which we don't land in the same seat we took off with you!