News / 6.29.15

Welcome to Epstein … Jenn Pisano!

Our newest photo-taking, Food Network judge in waiting, architectural team member

We are pleased to welcome Jenn Pisano to Epstein – one of the newest members of our architectural group!

Jenn grew up in Ohio where she attended Bowling Green State University (Go Falcons!) for her undergrad degree in Architecture. Upon graduation, she decided to pursue her Masters of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Go Scarlet Hawks!). While at IIT Jenn developed an interest in transportation systems and community outreach through design.

In her free time, Jenn enjoys cooking, reading, exploring the city, and has a passion for photography. You can usually find her hanging out with her friends or just enjoying a nice day along the lakefront. Her dream job (second to architecture, of course) would be as a judge for a show on the Food Network.

After 20 straight years of being in school, Jenn is excited to finally start volunteering, refine her photography skills, and travel (And, naturally, prepared for her Food Network 15 minutes of fame moment as well!)

At Epstein, Jenn is currently working on the KC Sausage – a project that involves the design of a facility that will produce sausage links and meatballs. The perfect project for our Food Network judge in waiting!

Once again, welcome to the family Jenn – and don’t forget about us when you’re rubbing elbows with Mario Batali!