News / 8.24.15

Welcome to Epstein … Jeff Beran!

Our new industrial engineer as well as a sports-lover, foodie, budding chef, and oxford comma advocate!

We are pleased to welcome to Epstein – Jeff Beran – our new industrial engineer within our Industrial Process Engineering Group. Jeff received his BS in Engineering Management from the University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!) and prior to joining Epstein he worked at M3 Engineering & Technology Corporation for the last 6 years on a variety of mining projects located in the United States, Mexico, and South America. At Epstein, Jeff is currently working on a new pork processing plant for Seaboard Farms/Triumph Foods in Sioux City, Iowa as well as a proposed new poultry plant for Maple Leaf Foods in Western Ontario, Canada.

Jeff claims to have been born in an igloo in Anchorage, Alaska and now, with his wife and two kids, lives in Evanston, where he will find out all too soon resembles his days growing up in houses made of ice. Evanston also feels like home to Jeff because his high-school colors were purple and white and his college mascot was a Wildcat so now with the Evanston-based purple & white clad Northwestern Wildcats Jeff is able to reconnect with his long lost youth!

Jeff's hobbies include pretty much all sports, except Golf, which is more or less a walk filled with frustration. Jeff's favorites include basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and skiing, as well as the ultimate sport – building indoor forts with his kids. Jeff's love of sports is also evident in the fact that he's coached high school and club volleyball for the past 13 years and during his college days hosted a sports talk radio show. (Jeff please tell us – what was the name of your show?)

Jeff also claims to be a bit of a foodie, loves traveling, cooking, photography, trivia, board games, crossword puzzles, beard maintenance, and advocating for the Oxford comma. (Which means Jeff is naturally a Vampire Weekend fan!)

Once again, welcome to the family Jeff – we are really happy to have you and your well-groomed beard with us!