News / 4.16.15

Welcome to Epstein … E’Laina Craven!

The newest member of our corporate services team

We are pleased to welcome to Epstein E'Laina Craven – our new receptionist and member of our corporate services team.

E'Laina comes to us as a recent graduate of Benedictine University (Go Eagles!) where she earned a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Social Science. While attending Benedictine she's also been active in community service throughout Chicagoland. Her altruistic path started when she got involved with an after school program organized by Hephzibah Children's Association. E'Laina enjoyed that experience so much that she's gotten involved with a few other volunteer programs like the West Suburban Community Pantry, A Safe Haven and #Hashtag Lunchbag. (E'Laina can't wait to get you involved in our own charitable group – the Epstein Community Foundation!)

In addition to E'Laina's charitable work she's also started her own 'cupcake business' – called Craven Cupcakes. (What a perfect name E'Laina – cause, who doesn't 'crave' a cupcake?) Check E'Laina's website at (E'Laina – you've definitely come to the right place – we are very, very, very fond of the cupcake at Epstein. Your talents in this world will be greatly appreciated!)

Once again, welcome to the family E'Laina, and remember any day is a good day for a cupcake at Epstein! (And yes, that was a not to subtle hint – ha ha)