News / 3.6.15

Welcome to Epstein … Cassiday Love!

The newest member of our architectural group & avid world traveler

We are pleased to welcome to Epstein Cassiday Love – the newest member of our architectural studio.

Cassiday is a graduate of Kansas State University (Go Wildcats!) with a Masters of Architecture. After graduating, Cassiday worked at AECOM's Sports Design office in Kansas City, designing collegiate sports venues. She primarily worked on the suite and club renovation of Clemson University's Memorial Stadium.

Cassiday is from Kansas City, meaning she has a love for barbecue and the Royals. If you are curious here favorite BBQ joints are Oklahoma Joe's and Jack Stack, and her fave Royal is Alex Gordon. Cassiday loves baking, music, NPR, all things Sriracha and Netflix. (And she recommends binge watching 'The Killing' – nothing like a little heartwarming, family entertainment – huh Cassiday?)

Lastly, Cassiday is an avid traveler and here top 4 destinations (so far) are Orvieto, Italy, Bruges, Belgium, Copenhagen, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain.

Once again, welcome to Epstein family Cassiday!

Here are some photos of Cassiday from her travels…

Orvieto, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Florence, Italy

Park Güell, Spain