News / 5.5.15

Welcome to Epstein … Ben Irving!

Our new staff accountant and member of our corporate services group

We are pleased to welcome Ben Irving to Epstein – our new staff accountant and member of our corporate services group.

Ben recently graduated DePaul (Go Blue Demons!) with a BS in Accountancy. He currently lives with his family in Bartlett but is excited about his imminent move to Chicago.

Ben loves being active outside and enjoys traveling, especially places that are close to a beach. Ben's beach 'bug" began during his childhood years with a great family vacation he had in the Cayman Islands when he was 12! (Ben – can't go wrong with Chicago, we've got the beach covered, alas summer only lasts about 6 weeks so you've really got to pack the fun in!)

Ben is also fond of trips to Vegas and he especially enjoyed a recent visit when he was there supporting his friend playing in a Texas Hold'Em tournament! (Ben just curious – how'd your friend do? Any Belly Busters, or Pocket Rockets, or Walking Sticks? – no Ben, we don't have a gambling problem … yet.)

Ben also enjoys going out, watching movies, playing softball and has become a pretty good golfer. (Just saying Ben – with golf and cards, coupled with your accounting degree it sounds like your life might be perfect for a great con movie – maybe Rounders 2!)

Lastly – welcome to the family Ben, we are very pleased to have you with us!