News / 3.19.15

Throwback Thursday – Time Chemical, Inc.

Located within the Crawford Tract of the Central Manufacturing District, the world’s first industrial park

We visit June 1960 for today’s Epstein Throwback Thursday for the opening Time Chemical, Inc.’s new office, manufacturing and warehouse facility located at 3950 S. Karlov in Chicago. (Just south of the Stevenson and west of Pulaski) Time were manufacturers of private label and specification detergents and sanitation chemicals for industrial and institutional use and this facility provided Time with twice as much production and storage space as their previous location at 4344 S. Wolcott.

When it opened this modernist 43,000 square foot one-story plant was the home for Time’s 27 employees which included chemical engineers, office and production staff. The building also featured two truck docks as well as a railroad spur for shipments.

Time no longer occupies this building and sadly it is in fact empty. The Time plant has gone through a series of expansions and modifications to our original design and to be honest the alterations to the building have not been for the best from an architectural perspective. A massive brick and windowless warehouse/storage addition to the North and significant reworking of the mid-century office component has witnessed an infill of much of the entrance glazing.