News / 11.16.15

Seaboard-Triumph is a ‘Cover Star’

‘Sioux City Progress’ publication features Seaboard Farms – Triumph Foods Pork Processing Plant

The Sioux City, Iowa Economic Development group publishes a semi-annual magazine covering the latest events in and around Sioux City. And, on the cover of The Fall 2015/Winter 2016 issue is one of the largest projects we’ve ever undertaken as a Design-Builder – the Seaboard Triumph Foods Pork Processing Plant. This 245-acre, $264M, 750,000 square foot facility is currently under construction with this facility expected to be completed in mid-2017.

To give you a sense of the size of this project here’s the floorplan for Seaboard – Triumph superimposed over an aerial photo of the site that was taken last week:

In addition to coverage of our project, ‘Progress’ also provides some interesting factoids about Iowa’s place in the pork industry. For instance, Iowa is the #1 pork producing state in the US and it’s also the top state for Pork Exports (over $1.4B annually) to countries like Japan and South Korea as well as our neighbors to the North and South – Canada and Mexico.

Here’s a high-res scan of the article with all the details on the Seaboard Triumph project and Iowa’s role as a ‘pork processing powerhouse’ in the United States:

Additionally, we’ll be publishing monthly photos of this site over the coming months and you can see how construction is progressing on this massive facility.