News / 10.6.15

Look Down @ O’Hare Terminal 5 & Check Out our Latest Work!

We designed over four football fields’ worth of custom made carpet that actually improves air quality!

As a side project to our recently completed redesign of O’Hare International Airport’s Terminal 5 Concession Program, a project itself that involved new and reconfigured concession spaces, as well as redeveloped common areas, restrooms and a new TSA checkpoint, we were asked by Westfield, our client and the developer of the T5 project, and modulyss®, carpet manufactures, to design a new custom made carpet for the entire terminal. This task required our designers to come up with a colorful, playful, yet structured new carpet tile design for nearly 250,000 square feet of public space. To put that in perspective – that’s more or less the equivalent of 4 football fields.

Our designers utilized modulyss® carpet tiles which are specifically engineered to capture and retain fine dust, a major maintenance and air quality issue in large public spaces like Terminal 5. Featuring high-grade and sustainable yarns, these carpet tiles help improve O’Hare’s air quality and, in essence, act like miniature dust traps. (Bet you didn’t know carpet tiles were engineered to do that!)

The new carpet tile design at O’Hare featured a variety of different square and rectangular sized tiles that helped add an added dimension of creativity to our layout. These custom made ‘First Absolute’ tiles are comprised of died yarn that allowed us to developed a unique look that features a mixture of nuanced colors and vibrant pinstripes in a multitude of hues. Additionally, these carpet tiles are manufactured on brand new tufting machines which allowed modulyss® the ability to create our precise textured patterns, geometrics and brushstroke shaded patterns.

We think the results turned out great and are extremely happy with the work our friends at modulyss® were able to accomplish!

Check out some of the photos that show the old carpet and the new – definitely a major improvement.