News / 6.4.15

Intrinsic School Visits Epstein

Students get hands-on information on the world of a full-service AEC firm

Yesterday afternoon, students from Chicago’s Intrinsic School, a 7th-12th-grade public charter school, paid a visit to Epstein to learn more about the lives of architects, engineers, construction professionals, as well as non-technical roles in IT, marketing, & administration. The Intrinsic students listened to mini-presentations from a group of Epsteiners about their individual paths into the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) world and how they came to call Epstein home. During these presentations Epsteiners explained how they became an AEC professional, what a typical day entails, challenges of the profession, as well as how Epstein differs from firms in our industry that aren’t full-service AEC’s.

The students also asked our staff numerous questions about the profession & requirements to become an AEC professional. BTW – the most spirted discussions came towards the end during our structural engineering presentation by Ryan Lezcano and Sam Helgeson in which the students were very curious about seismic design. Probably had something to do with the recent release of The Rock’s new movie - San Andreas, but Ryan and Sam did a great job explaining everything that goes into making a building structurally sound!

Intrinsic’s visit concluded with a friendly building contest in which the students were presented with the challenge of building a 15" ‘tower’ out of marshmallows and sticks. There were six competition teams and the structures created resembled the full spectrum of design – from Frank Gehry-like blobs to high-rises Mies would have loved!

Epsteiners presenting included Jennifer Heiney, Sean Miller, Tim Ozog, Judy Sells, Becky Howe, Mike Shepherd, Tamie Williams, Mike Hylek and Noel Abbott. Special thanks go out to Epstein’s Trish Taylor and Esther Panzica for doing an amazing job organizing Intrinsic’s visit.

Lastly, we had a great time sharing our experiences with the students and hope that we were able to impart some insight and wisdom into what it takes to have a career in the AEC world!