News / 6.23.15

Epstein designs, engineers and constructs highly specialized 3D measurement room for GE/Lufkin Industries in Romania

Room required highly specialized vibration control in foundations

Epstein's team of architects, engineers and constructors recently provided Design-Build services for the installation of a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) Room for GE/Lufkin Industries within their existing Manufacturing Plant, a facility that Epstein also designed, engineered and constructed, in the Ploiesti West Park in Aricestii Rahtivani in Prahova County, Romania. Epstein services included full design of all architectural, structural and MEP systems as well as permitting.

The CMM equipment installed was a Mitutoyo Falcio Apex 3D gantry machine and is used to measure different object sizes, surface finishes, and shape complexities. The Falcio provides highly accurate 3D measurements, detailed, high-resolution scans, quick data collection, advanced inspection functionality, complete dimensional analysis, and comprehensive reporting. The piece of highly specialized equipment was installed on a 100 square meter surface and the CMM Room also included the installation of a Strothmann rail system so that heavy parts and components to be measured could be moved into the room without the need for overhead cranes.

Due to the close proximity of other machining equipment just outside the CMM Room, the Falcio machine required special vibration control foundations and complete isolation from the surrounding structure and building. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the measurements being taken special indirect illumination, a high degree of temperature (21 degrees Celsius +/- 0,5 degrees Celsius) and humidity control needed to be provided within the CMM Room so as not to have these systems affect the measurements being taken by the machine.