News / 12.22.15

Construction Update: Daily’s Premium Meats

Steel columns, joists and decking in the main building area are completely erected

Today, we received photography, courtesy of Multivista Construction Documentation, showing the substantial progress of our Design-Build project in St. Joseph, Missouri for Daily's Premium Meats. This 140,000 square foot, $41.5M facility will produce sliced-to-order naturally hardwood smoked bacon when completed in the spring of 2016.

As you can see from the photos the building is completely enclosed but here's a more detailed account of where we are in the construction of the facility courtesy of Tom Maloney, our assistant field engineer for the Daily's project:

'Steel columns, joists and decking in the main building area are completely erected with only metal decking remaining in the office. Concrete slabs are underway and we have poured the lower Mezzanine slab, the slab on deck, and a significant portion of the West Corridor slab. We have underslab plumbing in the main building completely done, with overhead pipe rack plumbing nearly complete. Site utilities for the main building are nearly tied in, we anticipate having running water to the building the week after the New Year. Underslab electrical conduit has been completed, the sectionalizers on the south end of the site have been installed, temporary lighting work has begun within the parameters of the building and permanent power has been tied in for the trailers.'

In addition, to Tom, Epstein's Dave Weingardt is also on site in St. Joseph serving as our Field Manager.

Lastly, for those of you not familiar with Daily's the company was founded in 1893 by John R. Daily in Missoula, Mont. Daily's currently operates bacon processing plants in Missoula and Salt Lake City, and markets and sells a variety of processed pork items from signature honey cured bacon to Applewood smoked bacon to naturally smoked hams to breakfast sausages.