News / 5.6.15

Beyond the Biggest Loser

Epsteiners participated and ran a friendly in-house 10-week health and weight loss competition

For the past 10 weeks a dedicated group of Epsteiners has been participating in a friendly health and weight loss competition we call – ‘Beyond the Biggest Loser.’ Over this period our ‘competitors,’ coached by their fellow co-workers, have not only partaken in athletic events like relay races and Office Olympics, but they have also learned about nutrition from guest speakers and worked on developing healthier life/fitness routines.

This past Friday marked the end of the competition and we’ve just tallied up all the results. Overall the group lost 127.4 pounds and on average, each participant increased their fitness level by 50.75% over the course of the program!

Our Biggest Loser competitors also had some pretty impressive Fitness records –

In the Female category – Carla Espinoza completed 30 sit-ups in a minute, Carla and Mihaela Ianev-Cajigas both did 91 Jumping Jacks in a minute, Mihaela pumped out 46 push-ups in 60 seconds, Melissa Gibson held a Plank for 199 seconds and Melissa also was able to hold a Wall-sit for 180 seconds!

In the Male category – our sit-up champ was Jay Masi with 34, John Kolb was our Jumping-Jack king with 95, Jay took the push-up crown with 44, Claud Sava held his plank from 180 seconds and Joe Romano was the wall-sit winner with 186 seconds.

The individual ‘medalists’ in the female and male categories were:


1st Place – Lori Chandler (14.35% weight/18.54% body fat)

2nd Place – Mihaela Ianev-Cajigas (5.24% weight/5.57% body fat)

3rd Place – Judy Sells (5.36% weight/6.47% body fat)


1st Place – John Kolb (9.11% weight/22.37% body fat)

2nd Place – Michael Shepherd (8.42% weight/12.70% body fat)

3rd Place – Jay Masi (4.84% weight/15.89% body fat)

(BTW - Lori & John are pictured above)

Lastly we want to thank our coaches - Sean Miller, Ryan Lezcano, Linda Kanoski, Deraa Dike, Criss Paccione-Anderson and Eric Shoemaker. This very dedicated group put a lot of time and effort into the program and it would not have been successful without them.

Well done everyone!