News / 4.15.15

500 West Monroe Lobby Renovation

To feature a luminous, stretch-fabric ceiling which will create a brighter and more pleasing environment

Epstein's Interior Design team is re-envisioning the main entrance and building lobby within Chicago's 500 West Monroe in partnership with Piedmont Office Realty Trust.

At the main entry, Epstein is replacing the bronze framed glazing system with a new frameless, clear glazing system to create a more significant street presence and increase natural light. A new custom light fixture, new granite pavers and new signage will also grace the entry rotunda. Along the Monroe street arcade, new lighting and granite pavers will accent the colonnade and brighten the approach to further enhance the curb appeal.

In the building lobby, Epstein is replacing the light fixtures with new, recessed linear LED fixtures to provide a more controllable and uniform lighting experience. The existing wood ceilings are being replaced with a backlit, stretched fabric ceiling panel creating a brighter and more pleasing environment. Additionally Epstein is removing the backlit onyx walls and replacing them with large clear glazed openings to bring in more natural light and create a better connection to the streetscape. Non-structural column enclosures are being reduced to lighten the space, open the views and increase daylight into the lobby. The interior fountains and pools will be removed and replaced with new seating groups. Furniture pieces are being updated to provide a more inviting and activated lobby. Lastly, a new reception desk is being designed and moved to a centralized location for increased security coverage in the lobby and to accommodate the latest technology.

In the elevator vestibules, Epstein is updating the light fixtures and ceilings to coordinate with the new building lobby. Existing bronze elevator doors and frames will be refinished to stainless steel to produce a modern appearance. In addition, elevator cabs will receive new lighting and finishes. To complete the new vision for the lobby, new artwork is being commissioned to harmonize the interior design and enhance the visitor experience.