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For nearly 70 years, Epstein has been providing DesignBuild services for our clients on a national basis.


Our roots in design and engineering make the Epstein approach unique among DesignBuild firms. Our clients benefit from our focus on their needs, operations and business strategies in evaluating how each building project can be an asset to those requirements.

Epstein's DesignBuild team offers the luxury of single source responsibility. By having both the design and the construction in the hands of one company, our clients can focus on their business needs rather than becoming the coordinator and mediator between the designer and the contractor. It allows us to maintain a higher level of quality throughout the entire process, so we can better engage the client, make recommendations and keep them involved.

Cost savings and commitment to budget through value engineering and constructability are additional Epstein DesignBuild core values. Our design and construction personnel work side by side to evaluate alternative designs, materials and methods. Because the design and construction overlap, substantial time savings can be achieved. This translates to lower costs and earlier occupancy of the facility as we deliver within the schedule commitments.

For more information contact Randy Tharp at (312) 429-8409 or randy.tharp@epsteinglobal.com or Jason Chandler at (312) 429-8206 or jchandler@epsteinglobal.com