Epstein provided architecture, interior design, and multi-disciplinary engineering as part of a DesignBuild contract for Wholestone Farms’ new headquarters in Fremont, Nebraska. For several years, Epstein has provided DesignBuild services for a number of facility improvements to Wholestone’s Fremont operations and this office building features office space, including a large cafeteria, company store, meeting areas, executive and general office areas, storage, locker, break, and restrooms.

The modernist headquarters is prominently positioned along the industrial thoroughfare of Route 77. Its striking presence to its neighboring buildings really gives recognition to Wholestone. As you proceed to the main employee entrance, you are greeted with an alluring glass entry filled with natural light featuring a playful interior wall design that seamlessly connects the exterior wall system with the interior. The design for this dynamic wall has been embraced and celebrated by both the client and their staff and includes the Wholestone Farms logo and video wall, telling the on-going story of Wholestone Farms, helping each person who walks through the door become part of a greater vision.

The cafeteria was planned along the main entry, and was designed to allow for exterior views and natural daylight to envelope a space that is commonly overlooked. It was essential to the project team to create a pleasing, positive, and rejuvenating environment for the staff who seek this space as a respite from their production work environment.

Epstein’s interiors team also worked with Wholestone to support their brand identity. Through accent paint color, artwork, environmental brand and graphics, the team pulled together the vision of who Wholestone Farms is and how they wanted that brand to be reflected for years to come. The artwork depicts imagery relevant to their business, while environmental brand and graphics highlight the employees, the company vision statement and company goals. Throughout the development of this interior enhancement, Epstein also worked on adding more color to the space through the strategic use of paint and branded wallcovering.

The Wholestone headquarters project was a true marriage of great design and thoughtful team collaboration, resulting in a wonderful facility that accurately reflects our client and their aspirations.