When Sedia Systems, manufacturer of the award-winning Jump Seat, decided to renovate and enlarge their Merchandise Mart Showroom in celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary, they called on Epstein to provide a design that spoke to the aesthetics and function of their latest theater seating products.

Deconstructing the plywood-and-slat-steel chair, Epstein used the innovative combination of materials to clad the showrooms ceiling and glass entry walls, and to provide a backdrop for marketing monitors. Restrained use of color on the walls and floors was supplemented by Sedias corporate green on structural elements and complemented by plum upholstery on the seating products within the showroom volume.

To complete the interior environment, "supergraphics" illustrating human movement were applied to the walls, evocative of the kinetic JumpSeat and other Sedia seating products.

The project was completed on a fast-track, 6-week schedule, just in time for the doors to open at NeoCon 2014.