Epstein designed and prepared construction documents as well as performed construction phase services for this 792 foot by 75 foot extension of existing Taxiway K, which was then designated as Taxiway ZS, at O'Hare International Airport.

The new Taxiway ZS project was constructed to provide more efficient access to and from the east end of Runway 10R-28L and the south end of existing Runway 4R-22L, to the core terminal.

The pavement section consisted of a 17 inch PCC pavement over a 6 inch warm mixasphalt (WMA) base course over a 6 inch WMA permeable base course over a 12 inch aggregate frost protection course. As part of the airport's sustainability initiative, this was the first project to use WMA as its runway base course and shoulder pavement.

The project also included demolition of existing pavements, earthwork, erosion control, surface and subsurface drainage, airfield lighting and signage, duct banks for power, lighting and communication, construction phasing and the decommissioning of a portion of existing Taxiway K.