Epstein provided full-service architectural and engineering services, as well as general contracting, for Lufkin Industries' new 381,800-square-foot oil field division production facility.

The project consists of a 328,000-square-foot manufacturing and fabrication hall, a 38,229-square-foot post production parts building for servicing existing equipment, a 12,572-square-foot office building, a 2,885-square-foot pump house and fire tank for the fire protection system, a 194-square-foot paint storage building and two 275-square-foot guardhouses.

The Ploiesti Park is a mixed-use development that is a defined PUZ (PUD) consisting of zones for office, research, logistic (distribution centers), and light industrial facilities. The Park and Lufkin site are located north-west of the city of Ploiesti in the city jurisdiction of Aricestii Rahtivani in Prahova County.

The specific location of the Lufkin site is at the southern end of the Park along the east side of the main road through the Park connecting DN72 to DJ 101i. A high voltage power transmission line runs along the northern boundary of the Lufkin site. The village of Buda lies at the north edge of the Park along DJ 101i.

This new Lufkin facility was developed with the purpose to support sales of oil pumping units to current and future customers in the Middle East, Black Sea, Central Europe and eventually Russia.