Epstein is currently one of La Quinta’s trusted design consultants for a nationwide rebranding program. With a focus on the “bright side,” La Quinta has committed to an expansive phased renovation program consisting of more than 200 hotels. The program is intended to elevate the brand and deliver a consistent product line that echoes the success of the "Del Sol" prototype, which is a palette that includes large format tile in corten finish (LFT), metal roof cornice with accent lighting at LFT, and a "butterfly" porte cochere.

These renovations include interior guestroom and public space improvements as well as exterior building modifications to create a consistent, modern aesthetic over La Quinta's brand.

For this project, Epstein's architects were responsible for removing the central arched roofline, false balcony railings and EIFS surface decoration, creating a clean rectilinear façade.

Additionally, the LFT, new signage and an illuminated roof cornice highlights the building's entry, contrasting with the quiet grey color scheme of the façade.