Epstein is providing DesignBuild services in a phased approach for the expansion of Dalitso, LLC's facility in Manassas, Virginia. This medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facility includes their cultivation, processing and packaging, manufacturing, analytical lab, tissue culture, husbandry, and employee welfare areas.

For Manassas I, Epstein provided a 91,652 square foot interior build-out of approximately 68,000 square feet with a renovation of 14,000 square feet. Manassas I increased several areas including:

Cultivation to approximately 25,000 square feet
Processing areas to over 10,000 square feet
Manufacturing to 17,800 square feet
Welfare areas to 2,700 square feet
Office space to 5,500 square feet

Construction of Manassas II took place in two phases: Phase 1 - Manassas II East is an as-of-right expansion of 104,960 square feet designed to maximize the site floor area ratio (FAR), increasing the facility to 196,612 square feet. Manassas II West adds an additional 66,280 square feet and be developed under a Proffer Amendment to increase the allowable FAR. Upon completion, Epstein increased the Manassas facility by approximately 240,000 square feet, for a total facility gross area of 262,892 square feet and a canopy increase from 5,300 square feet to 103,050 square feet.