Epstein was responsible for providing Phase II engineering services for the structure replacement of Plainfield Road Bridge over I-294 and Flagg Creek. The existing structure consisted of 3-span superstructure supported on concrete abutments and multi-column concrete piers. The new structure is a nearly 420-foot long, 3-span bridge with 63” PPC beams girders supported on integral abutments and multi-column precast concrete piers with a 23-degree skew to the substructure. The piers are founded on micro-piles. The structure is 74 feet out-to-out of deck including both a sidewalk and shared use path.

Roadway improvements consisted of approximately 600 feet of roadway profile change and reconstruction on each side of the structure. Maintenance of Traffic plans were prepared for staged construction on Plainfield Road and traffic shifts on I-294. Coordination was required with an adjacent Illinois Tollway contract to re-design the I-294 mainline.