Most companies in the cannabis retail marketplace have already defined their brand identity, which is incorporated into the design of the new store. Planning for our client’s new retail store begins with a well coordinated effort with the owner, their legal representation, security, and the local municipality for every location. Community inclusion and public appeal is also an important part of planning for the retail site. The design team is constantly engaged during the city hearings, and provides any necessary documentation, such as floor and site plans, for example.

As interior architectural designers at Epstein, the strategic planning of a functional and flexible retail environment allows the client to better merchandise the products so the customer can navigate the space effectively. We work with the client, security vendor, technology consultant and contractor to plan, document and engineer a complete space that provides all of the program requirements needed.

For this project, Epstein worked with Cresco from concept to completion for their Schaumburg, Illinois dispensary. We developed the space plan and created deliverables such as an area map, security layout, and exterior elevations that were submitted to the state board of zoning to start the process for approval for the dispensary. Once approved, Epstein prepared the architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, and fire protection drawings for permit and construction. After permitting, Epstein worked with Cresco and the general contractor to complete the project under a very fast 45-day construction schedule.