Midwest Real Estate selected Epstein to design a 4,800 square foot buildout of an existing 16,000 square foot single-story building for Lucky Lincoln Gaming. This expanded space will be home to Cloud 9, a new flagship cannabis dispensary in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Epstein was presented with somewhat of an open-ended process in that our client was in need of branding direction to match the look and feel of the space. This served as an ideal challenge starting from scratch – it was an opportunity to drive the process forward with industry knowledge combined with our client’s vision. The goal is to expand the dispensary to additional locations utilizing a modified prototype of this initial flagship store, customizing the design to fit future spaces. Epstein’s interior designers created a concept with this type of mobility in mind.

Epstein’s Interiors group pulled inspiration from both the name and logo of Cloud 9 to create a clean, bright and inviting space. Atmospheric visuals of the sky, clouds and sunsets fabricate a welcome sense of calm so customers new to cannabis or purchasing cannabis are able to leave any misgivings at the door. This, combined with soft yet modern tech finishes such as curved millwork, and high gloss and matte surfaces, creates an all-around approachable and stylish retail space open to new and regular customers.

Above the sales floor, story windows at an atrium floods the space with natural light. All floor-level windows serve a dual purpose, layered with frosted, translucent film for security. And finally, mobile product shelving allows for easy maneuvering during opening and closing of the store.