Epstein provided DesignBuild services for a 4,580 square meter (49,299 square foot) manufacturing plant expansion located in the middle of two existing facilities, plus a new 4,446 square meter (47,850 square foot) distribution center along with another ancillary building to store hazardous materials. Cameron uses this facility to manufacture equipment used in the extraction of oil and gas.

The distribution center features four interior loading docks, and has two overhead cranes to allow for the loading/unloading of heavy equipment and steel parts. This building also contains other areas such as shipping/receiving offices, waiting areas and restrooms.

Epstein's architects and engineers were faced with numerous design challenges throughout the duration of the project including synchronizing Cameron's existing processing operation with the new manufacturing wing, coordinating the engineering/installation of the new overhead cranes which were selected after the completion of substantial design, and working with unique Mexican MEP systems/parameters that were not standard to American industrial specifications.