Epstein is the design architect and engineer for The Arc, a 12-story A Class office building that will be located at 27–29 Șoseaua Orhideelor in Bucharest, Romania. The Arc's proposed site is in an area that is currently considered a growing “urban hub,” combining public transport, proximity to commercial facilities, technical universities and campus, with the multiple facilities featuring open green space and limited congestion from automotive traffic.

The Arc has been crafted to be a signature building with simple and timeless design, located on a highly-visible site from a central bridge overpass. The silhouette of Arc features a clean-cut volume, which provides a unique identity and personalizes the entire site. The “L” shape of the building generates an urban courtyard separated from street noise. The building silhouette is also accentuated by two withdrawn levels at the top that are slightly rotated from the main façade plan.

In addition to its eye-catching design, The Arc's space program features 12 above ground levels as well as two underground mechanical, parking and storage levels. The Arc's lobby will not only serve as the main entrance for the building, but also provide space for retail and building administrative offices. Typical office floors will be based on a central structural core with office spaces surrounding that structure. This design will allow for ample flexibility in space layout for proposed tenants.