Epstein was responsible for the architectural and engineering design for this commercial laundry facility.

The facility consists of 82,000 square feet of production area and docks on the first floor, 38,000 square feet of processing space on the second floor, a 16,000 square foot stockroom and 14,000 square feet of office space. The facility also has an 11,000 square foot vehicle maintenance facility bringing the project size to 161,000 square feet.

The plant is designed to process 1.1 million pounds of laundry per week and will service 80 Aramark delivery routes. An added state-of-the-art feature to this facility is the infrared tracking system installed which allows employees to know where each garment is at every stage of the laundering process.

The project required the coordination of a large number of owner-selected consultants to accommodate all vendor and owner supplied equipment. This equipment included a material handling sortation system for handling soiled and clean laundry items. Our engineering design provided the basic infrastructure for the water conditioning, wastewater treatment and electrical systems designed by the owner's consultants.

The building is a prototypical precast concrete structure with a roofing and insulation system specifically designed to withstand high humidity conditions.